Bitcoin is an asset that is fueled almost entirely by “false hope” and should demand falter, the price is just going to “collapse”, said Peter Schiff, chief market strategist at Euro Pacific Asset Management. “Ultimately, Bitcoin is going to collapse, and any demand that it might have siphoned away from gold is going to return to gold. The Bitcoin story is one of a bubble, it’s a modern-day Tulip Mania, it’s fool’s gold,” Schiff said.

KCS-EU was launched as a Free and Secure Private Members Investment Platform with forward thinking of Brexit and beyond the next decade. KCS-EU is managed by Key Capital Strategies a Spanish limited company and part of the KCS Global group of companies.

KCS-EU offer a Free membership based secure platform that once registered, will provide a client direct access to a ‘Niche’ range of products, services or strategies that have been selected as a ‘low-risk’ for clients looking for good returns with real physical security. At KCS-EU it’s not all about investing but also lifestyle, giving access to VIP Concierge Services that range from close protection services, private jet charter and sales as well as a ‘door to door’ luxury vacation experience with one of our expert partner services.

As well as providing direct access to vetted companies and their products and services, as a member you will be kept up to date by email with any special offers or services that we are sure will be of interest.

2020 was a bad year for many and through the pandemic KCS-EU have been really busy right through to the end and had one of our most conducive years. 2020 brought many new members and many great clients. As we head into 2021 for another successful and strong year with a big focus on Gold, we would like to invite you also to come and see how we can improve your families outlook beyond 2021. Register your details for free now. We have a strict No Spam Policy; our platform is safe to use and you can opt out and unsubscribe at any time!