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    The Benefits

    KCS Connecting Our Clients with Physical Gold Investments

    • Hedge against money printing policies
    • Limited supply. Increasing demand (supplier’s market
    • Hedge against inflation and deflation
    • Portfolio diversification & protection
    • Store of value
    • Safe haven in times of geopolitical, economic and financial turmoil
    • Outstanding Value
    • Buy below current market values
    advance purchase of discounted gold
    Physical Gold Bullion
    Physical Gold Bullion
    Physical Gold Bullion
    Physical Gold Bullion
    Physical Gold Bullion

    Buy Gold Bullion – The Offer In Brief

    Buy Gold Bullion at Market (Spot) price and be rewarded with bonus gold at no additional cost.
    Gold is delivered monthly in 24 equal installments.
    Bonus physical gold delivered in the same 24 equal increments ‐ at a rate of 1 oz per $100K USD purchase or fraction thereof per month (an extra total of 24 Oz. of 24KT Gold Bullion per $100K USD of gold purchased). Minimum investment 25,000 Euro/USD/GBP.
    An effective discount of 26% and over on LBMA market price (subject to advance purchase over 24 months).
    All Gold is fully certified 24KT, 999.9 purity from LBMA licensed refineries.
    Delivery, Secure Storage and insurance charges are included within the purchase price.
    Simple purchase process starting from $25,000 USD. Other currency options are available.
    Monthly Brinks statements of account, showing gold bullion delivered and stored.
    Physical gold can be withdrawn, delivered or sold in part or full at any time by the purchaser

    Example: The Minimum Purchase Amount & What You Receive

    • With a gold purchase of $25,000 USD (based on a gold rate of $1770.00 USD per Ounce), would buy you 14.12 Oz. of 24KT gold bullion plus an extra 6 , Oz. of 24KT gold.
    • That is a total of 20.12 Oz. of fully certified 24KT, 999.9 gold bullion.
    • The gold is shipped in 24 equal monthly shipments.
    • This means that your APDG gold buy price is $1242.28 USD per Oz. 
    • A saving of 29.8% and a total value of $35,630 USD
    • Total Profit – 42.48%

    ***The profit calculation is based on a gold market rate of $1770.00 USD per Ounce.

    Gold Bullion Purchase Comparison

    (Examples based on $1700 USD per Oz. Gold Market Price with gold bullion  delivered over 24 months)

    Purchase Amount USD Standard Gold Purchase APDG Gold Purchase APDG Extra Gold APDG Monthly Gold (x24) APDG Gold Discount
    $25,000.00* 14.70 Oz. (416.73 gm) 20.71 Oz. (587.11 gm) 6 Oz.
    (170.38 gm)
    0.86 Oz.
    (24.462 gm)
    $50,000.00* 29.41 Oz. (833.75 gm) 41.41 Oz. (1173.95 gm) 12 Oz.
    (340.20 gm)
    1.725 Oz.
    (48.914 gm)
    $100,000.00* 58.82 Oz. (1667.51 gm) 82.82 Oz. (2347.90 gm) 24 Oz.
    (680.39 gm)
    3.34 Oz.
    (97.829 gm)
    $250,000.00* 147.05 Oz. (4168.79 gm) 207.05 Oz. (5869.76 gm) 60 Oz.
    (1700.97 gm)
    8.627 Oz.
    (244.573 gm)
    $500,000.00* 294.11 Oz. (8337.87 gm) 414.11 Oz. (11739.82 gm) 120 Oz.
    (3401.95 gm)
    17.254 Oz.
    (489.159 gm)
    $1,000,000.00* 588.23 Oz. (16676.04 gm) 828.23 Oz. (23479.92 gm) 240 Oz.
    (6803.88 gm)
    34.51 Oz.
    (978.33 gm)



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