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Physical Gold Phase 2

Physical Gold

Available only to High Net-worth and Sophisticated Investors.

Gold is generally viewed as the safest and most secure asset in the world. Once the pillar of our monetary system, it is now renowned as a store of wealth and a hedge in times of economic uncertainty. For banks, governments and major financial institutions it is the foundation for underpinning their very existence. And, for more and more private individuals, it is becoming an essential part of their investment portfolios particularly as we head into more uncertain economic and political times.

The Benefits

Hedge against money printing policies

Limited supply. Increasing demand (supplier’s market

Hedge against inflation and deflation

Portfolio diversification & protection

Store of value

Safe haven in times of geopolitical, economic and financial turmoil

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    KCS is marketing the product and does not provide the product being marketed. In the event that an investor decides to invest, they will purchase the product directly from the product provider. KCS does not provide investment advice and investors should undertake their own investigations and/or seek advice from a suitably qualified person as to whether investment in any particular product is suitable considering the investors financial circumstances and investment objectives. The value of investments is variable, unless guaranteed, and can go down as well as up. Investors could lose some or all of the money invested. Past performance or experience does not necessarily give a guide for the future performance of a product. Neither KCS nor the investments being promoted are regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority and investors/clients will not have access to the Financial Ombudsman Scheme nor the UK Financial Services Compensation Scheme

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