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The KCS wealth platform has been created to provide our clients with more information on-demand with unparalleled access to the finance industry,providing greater control of investments and full lifecycle management.

As a general rule of thumb, financial experts often suggest that you SHOULD have a percentage of your assets in gold. This is believed to be good advice because it acts as an insurance policy. If you lose all other stocks in a crash, your gold should follow historical trends and go up in value, keeping you from losing everything.

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    Your Wealth & Security with KCS Physical Gold

    Gold is generally viewed as the safest and most secure asset in the world. Once the pillar of our monetary system, it is now renowned as a store of wealth and a hedge in times of economic uncertainty. For banks, governments and major financial institutions it is the foundation for underpinning their very existence. For more and more private individuals, investing in Gold is becoming an essential part of their investment portfolios particularly as we head into more uncertain economic and political times.

    The Benefits

    KCS Connecting Our Clients with Physical Gold Investments

    • Hedge against money printing policies
    • Limited supply. Increasing demand (supplier’s market
    • Hedge against inflation and deflation
    • Portfolio diversification & protection
    • Store of value
    • Safe haven in times of geopolitical, economic and financial turmoil
    • Outstanding Value
    • Buy below current market values
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    Our platform is integrated with multiple onshore and offshore custodians and once registered, our clients have access to more than 30 of the highest-rated product issuers around the globe – giving you greater access and all the flexibility to invest as you see fit.

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